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Liability Rules and Regulations


We do not keep a record of credit card information or give out any kind of consumer information to third parties.

Following the order deposit, delivery and installation will be accomplished in the given timeframe.

To reserve the date of installation and the goods to be ordered, the customer must make a deposit or full payment.

Call out deposits are non-refundable due to the time it takes to travel and the expense of petrol.

If a deposit is made, the remaining balance must be paid in full on the day the project is finished.

Only within 24 hours of the order’s confirmation, or if no products or parts have been ordered, are full refunds possible, other than that, restocking fees will be imposed per item to cover return courier expenses and suppliers’ restocking fees.

Customer provided items require upfront full payment for labour. This is due to the possibility that the items supplied—for which we are not responsible—may be faulty or incompatible with the vehicle.

The full deposit paid will be forfeited to compensate time and labour lost on the scheduled installation if the agreed-upon date of installation is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance of the specified date.

Deposits will be forfeited if, on the day of the installation, the customer is not at the prearranged installation address, has not contacted us, or cannot be reached because we have assigned that time and day for the installation in question.

If the customer cancels the install once they arrive, they will be charged £150 to cover travel expenses, fuel costs, and any unused time.
The deposit for labour and installation will also be forfeited if the booking is cancelled on the same day.

If the customer does not use any of the items bought through their request for installation, they are all subject to a 50% return restock fee plus the cost of shipping for each item.

Unless they have undergone any type of water penetration due to damp, user damage, or condensation, all parts come with a full 3-month warranty. In that case, the warranty is void.

6.1 The installer/subcontractor will either make good any shortage or non-delivery, replace or repair any goods that are damaged or defective upon delivery, or refund to you the amount you paid for the in question goods if you have notified us of a problem with the goods within 30 days of delivery.

6.2 Other than any return we issue in accordance with these terms, we shall not be obligated to give you any money as compensation.

This includes jobs that are cancelled without the company’s responsibility owing to late deliveries of goods or bad weather that prevents installations.

Losses relating to any business of yours, such as loss of profits or business disruption inc. time off from work, shall in no event be subject to our obligation to you;

Additionally, we won’t be liable to you for any other loss that is not a foreseeable result of our breaking these Terms and Conditions or our legal obligations.

It may take up to 7 business days for refunds to reach the original payment method. Thanks

6.3 This does not change your legal rights as a consumer and does not seek to limit our responsibility to you in the event of a fraudulent misrepresentation or if we are negligently responsible for your death or personal harm.

6.4 Because the client is in charge of any items they provide on their own, we are not liable for any problems that might arise with the goods they provide or with the vehicles they supply, and we are unable to offer a warranty for any such goods.

6.5 Products are only designed for use in the UK, and we are unable to certify that they adhere to all applicable legislation, applicable laws or other standards outside of the UK. All products are sold subject to any limitations and in compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements, statements or directions in the accompanying documentation for the goods.

6.6 If you are a trade customer and are subject to Clause 6.3, we shall not be liable for the use or installation of any goods by you. This applies to you as well as anyone else you work for.

As a result, if you are a trade customer, you thus agree to release us from any liability resulting from any claim or allegation that we are accountable for any mistakes made during the installation or use of the items that we provide.

Within 3 months of installation, defective goods will be fixed or replaced; however, refunds will never be given for any reason, including change of heart or subpar performance brought on by an inaccurate customer selection of products at the time of buying.

If a fault ever arises, we have a responsibility and a right to check it, fix it, or replace it as necessary (without offering a refund).

6.5 Clients leaving their cars with us while installation work is being done in one of our fitting bays are required to do so since they won’t be protected by our insurance in the event that they trip over something or fall inside the work area.

For the initial primary installation of the items, a mobile installation is offered. After two weeks, if necessary repair work to installations or items is to be carried out at our premises only.

Products that have corroded are not covered under warranties.

Sometimes when installing automobiles, extra adapter leads are needed, and sometimes additional leads are needed afterwards. In either case, the customer will be charged for the components, labour, and call out.

Because we offer a nationwide install service, we do contract out some of our work in order to give all of our customers a first-class service and the assurance that the installer will be nearby at all times.

I’m grateful.